Legal and financial services

RelatyLab has the best professionals in the legal and financial sectorы. Our expert team offers our clients services of personalized advice, consultancy and management of legal, administrative, bureaucratic, financial and economic issues, including all the steps as dealing with external administrative and governmental organizations, notaries, banks, lawyers and translators among others. We guarantee professional and highest quality service, so the customer can forget about any worries and delegate us any need related to legal and financial institutions.


The most common services offered to our clients include work on aspects related to their housing property, with the formalization of the customer or his company on the Spanish territory, as well as solutions for issues related to financing, contracting services, certification and permits for properties and services, among many others.


The customer can rely on us for any need he may have of legal or financial nature and we will take care of developing a proposal and executing it in completely personalized to your preferences and case details way.



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